Travel to Tenerife Itinerary - Map Included

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Travel to Tenerife Itinerary - Map Included
The Tenerife that we discovered was above and beyond our expectations. We will help you plan your trip to Tenerife by sharing with you our experience.

Tenerife is a small island and you can get from one end of it to another in roughly 1 hour by car. Even so, you should not underestimate the things you can see and do on this tiny piece of land.

From cities and roads to beaches and hikes, there are numerous options regarding how you wish to spend your time in Tenerife. Depending on how many days you plan to travel to Tenerife we recommend you to check out some cities, walks, and perhaps some hikes or at least drive through some of the most remarkable Natural Parks and Reserves on the island.

The map below started as our planning before going to Tenerife the first time, and then we added to it based on our experiences on the island, exciting places, and hidden gems that we discovered while we were there. Don’t be overwhelmed by the multitude of pins, they are there for you to have enough options to choose from and make your own personal itinerary based on your preferences.

The second time we’ve been in Tenerife, we took our parents in a trip they will remember for their entire life. For this we created a day by day itinerary that we will also share with you. You can use our itinerary as is or as a guide while creating your own custom one.

The map is organized on multiple layers: beaches, hikes, walks, cities, and some miscellaneous items. You can hide the layers you’re not interested in to narrow it down. We will dive into each category to show you the highlights and let you choose how your personal itinerary map should look like.

Before going into details though, don’t forget to check out what you should know before traveling to Tenerife. That being said, let’s check the most impressive things to see and do in Tenerife:

The Tenerife Day-by-Day Itinerary

Feel free to mix the days between them as you plese. For us weather was the one that decided what we did in which day. In the North part of Tenerife rain is more common than in the South. Therefore, we occasionally tried to run away from rain. We also tried to alternate busy days with more relaxing ones with time at the beach.

Day 1

Day 2

  • Playa El Bollullo - this is not just about the beach, but also the walk towards it. The views while descending through banana plantations are astounding.
  • El Sauzal Walk

Day 3

  • Drive through Corona Forestal - our main objective for this day was to go in the Teide National Park, but there’s no way to get there withouth driving through The Corona Forestal. Seize every moment and stop to admire the nature whenever you can.
  • Minas de San Jose - this time we didn’t do the hike, but we went on part of it just to get immersed in the slenic landscape.
  • Roques de Garcia - surprisingly we did this hike again with our parents, in their 60s, except the last uphill section, which is challenging. Before the last uphill section the path splits and they went straight to the closest parking lot, Llano de Ucanca Vista Point, to wait for us to come a pick them up.
  • Teide National Park - the drive through The Teide National Park is spectacular and there are numerous opportunities to stop and be amazed.

Day 4

Break day! We spent this day enjoying some quality family time, chatting, relaxing and grilling. A day we’ll remember for sure because the rain started while we were grilling, and we used our beach umbrella to protect the fire from going off.

Day 5

Day 6

  • Sendero del Chinyero - this is an easy loop hike with mesmerising views. If you’re like our parents and never seen recent lava fields, then walking through this landscape will be a memory for life.
  • Drive through Teide National Park - driving through The Teide National Park is spectacular and almost never the same.

Day 7

This day was the first contact with Rural de Anaga Park in this trip, exploring a bit of everything it has to offer.

Day 8

  • Palmetum
  • Playa de Las Teresitas
  • Mirador dos Playas - when you leave Playa de Las Teresitas, continue driving along the coast towards north for some amazing vista points over the nearby beaches.
  • San Andrés - a beautiful small town, most likely on your way to and from Playa de Las Teresitas.

Day 9

Day 10

  • Icod de los Vinos
  • Teno Alto to Baracán Summit - this is a small part of the Callejón de Teno and Baracán Summit hike that we did. Our goal was to walk from Teno Alto to Mirador Altos de Baracán together with our parents and then the 2 of us would head back to get the cars and pick them up. However, the trails is a bit exposed when you get closer to the Baracán Summit. Diana has some mild height vertigo, but had no problem whatsoever on the entire 10km hike Callejón de Teno and Baracán Summit. However, the story was not the same with some of our parents, so we decided to walk back towards Teno Alto.
  • Paisaje Lunar En Teno Alto
  • Masca
  • Drive through the Teide National Park - I know I said that before, but no 2 drives in this area are the same. This time we were lucky to enjoy some nice above-the-clouds views.
  • Sunset close to the Observatory

Day 11

Our original plan was to go to Chinamada and Chamorga for some nature walks, but the weather was not on oue side. It was foggy, rainy, windy and cold. So we changed plans:

  • Malpaís de Güímar - after the cold and shivering we felt in Anaga while trying to go to Chinamada, we did not expect the exhausting heat on this hike. The trails goes along the coast for a while, but then it turns left in land. It was too much for our parents so we guided them to the closest point where they could wait for us to go get the cars and pick them up.
  • Drive through Corona Forestal and Teide National Park - yes again, because it was different. We had some epic thin fog through high trees and sun rays warming up everything. We’ve been lucky to be again above the clouds, but this time they were so close that we could almost touch them.

Day 12

Day 13

For more information regarding anything from Tenerife just let us know in the comments below. If it’s already covered on this blog we will point you to it. Otherwise, we will provide more details on that based on our experience.

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