Best Hikes in Rural de Anaga Park, Tenerife

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Best Hikes in Rural de Anaga Park, Tenerife
Lush vegetation, trees covered with evergreen moss, sharp mountain edges, deep ravines, Anaga won a special place in our hearts.

Anaga is one of our favorite parks in Tenerife. We like the combination of mountains, cliffs, vegetation, and the one-of- a-kind forest. The tall and thin trees covered with moss that you find here are unique to Tenerife. They create a beautiful scenery that can quickly give you a thrill if the wind starts blowing while you are in the forest. The roads in this area are very narrow and wavy, so please drive slowly and carefully.

Map of Rural de Anaga Park
Map of Rural de Anaga Park

Roque Bermejo

Stunning landscapes and the beach is a great way to take a break halfway.

This hike starts in the town of Chamorga. Our goal was to do a loop hike, start on PR-TF 6 to Roque Bermejo and return on PR-TF 6.1 through Tafada. Unfortunately, PR-TF 6.1 was closed that day due to some maintenance work so we got back on the same trail. We strongly recommend that you return on PR-TF 6.1, even though there is a bit of a climb.

As a reference, the hike that we did contains most of the total climb since we also went up to the Anaga Lighthouse. From there, there is just a bit more to climb to the top of the Tafada Mountain, but the hard part is over.

The scenery on this trail is spectacular and being able to take a break halfway on the Roque Bermejo Beach makes it even more impressive. Be sure to take enough water with you and some sunscreen as there is no shade on the trail. Leaving Chamorga, there might be some cold wind and lower temperatures, but as you approach the coast the temperature will rise considerably on a sunny day.

Las Vueltas

A combination of three different trails that has a lot to offer.

Our recommended direction for this hike is to start from Casa Forestal de Taganana (limited parking, arrive early) through the forest towards Camino de las Vueltas, Taganana PR-TF 8.

Besides the scenery, the thrill of this hike was finding the trail continuation from Taganana, it felt like almost going through people’s gardens and then stepping on someone’s rooftop. From there a steep ascent starts on the mountain ridge that separates the Barranco de La Fajaneta from the Barranco de la Iglesia. The views are breathtaking and they are worth all the effort.

To continue the trail from Taganana walk on the Fajana Portugal road and after the road turns right in a more than 90 degrees bend, you will see a concrete ramp on the right that you should take. From the ramp just continue walking along the houses and when the houses end, the trail continues. You can find this route on Wikiloc and you can also see the trails on AllTrails.

Update: We’ve been in Taganana in October, and, while we didn’t do the hike, we looked for the trail markings. The marking that we had troubbles finding has been updated, chaging the trail a bit, and making it more obvious and easy to find. Look for the trail marking and follow it. Remember that park rangers can always change trails at any time and the markings might not match any description you find on the Internet.

Benijo to El Draguillo

Pista al Draguillo and Camino del Hediondo - a hike with coast surreal views of the mountain ridges and ocean

The trail starts where the asphalt ends. Park your car on the asphalt and continue by foot on the dirt road. The trail has a portion with a steep ascent, but once you’re up the views are jaw-dropping.

Sendero de los Sentidos

An easy hike to get just a quick preview of what Anaga has to over, especially regarding its forests.

The trail starts from the Mirador Cruz del Carmen parking. Part of it is even wheelchair accessible, afterwards, it might be muddy after heavy rain. Even so the trail is very well maintained and the wooden stairs will prevent you from slipping.

For us, it is a very easy hike, more like a walk through the forest. We walked a bit more than the Sendero de los Sentidos trail and then got back on the same path. By looking at our recorded hike, if you exclude the southwest, one-way part of it, then you will have the Sendero de los Sentidos trail.

We recommend this trail for beginners that are not going to do other hikes in Anaga. But if you are an experienced hiker and you are already going to do other hikes in Anaga then you can skip this one or perhaps check it out on the same day with another hike.

As enthusiast hikers, there’s no better way to observe and admire nature than a hike. However, the thrill of a hike can be ruined if you don’t have the proper gear with you. For this we made a special article about the gear you need on every hike.

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