Ehrwalder - Seebensee - Coburger Hut - Drachensee Alpine Hike, Austria

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Ehrwalder - Seebensee - Coburger Hut - Drachensee Alpine Hike, Austria
Ehrwald has been the perfect travel stop to delight ourselves with yet another alpine hike to remember for a lifetime.

Out of all the beauties this world has to offer, it is mountainous landscapes that we love the most. Each time our travels take us close to the mountains, we jump for a hike.

The hike we were planning to do this time started from Ehrwald, and it was a loop that went around the Hinterer Tajakopf mountain peak through Hinteres Tajatörl. As snow can still be present even in June in high alpine areas, we decided to do the hike counterclockwise. The trail that continues pass the Drachensee lake is steep and might be sometimes covered with snow. As a rule of thumb, we avoid stepping on snow, especially snow that is melting. You never know what is under that snow and it might collapse at anytime. Doing the hike counterclockwise proved to be a good idea because the trail going further was indeed covered in part by snow, so we decided to turn back the same way.

Nevertheless, we have enjoyed the hike. The Seebensee lake is particularly idyllic, the Coburger Hut is a great lunch break, the the Drachensee lake is impressively beautiful.

Trail Details

Drive to the parking lot near Ehrwalder Almbahn and take the cable car up to the Tiroler Haus. This is the place where the actual hike starts. The first part of the trail is the same as the bike road, but then the trail enters the forest where a hiking only trail begins. The trail signs indicate a 3h hike to the Coburger Hut.

Just before Seebensee, the hiking trail and the bike trail meet again. The mountain views along this trail are fabulous, and we enjoyed every moment of it.

Seebensee lake has a unique color that visually pleases every person that passes by. Don’t be tricked, the water is extremely cold. We don’t recommend getting in with more than just your feet.

From Seebensee the trail continues uphill towards the Coburger Hut. The ascend is not too difficult, but it isn’t easy either and it should take you around 30 minutes. Be careful because the gravel might prove slippery. Don’t forget to take shot breaks to admire the Seebensee lake from above.

Take a well deserved break at the Coburger Hut. Have a drink or even order yourself lunch.

From the Coburger Hut, the loop trail continues towards Hinteres Tajatörl, Brendlsee, and then connects with the trail that comes from the cable car. According to the trail signs, the trail to Hinteres Tajatörl should take around 1h and 30 minutes.

Unfortunately the trail going further was partially covered with snow, so we turned around on the same trail we came up here. While we were there at Drachensee we witnessed an avalanche of snow combined with gravel. The aftermath of this avalanche can be seen in one of the photos above. Luckily, this avalanche didn’t happen on a trail, and there was nobody close by. However, it was an imposing display of power and forces that Mother Nature is capable of. It helped us not regret at all turning around.

Hike Difficulty and Details

Although the original hike that we intended to do was a hard one, the hike that we actually did was of a medium difficulty. The most difficult part is the ascent and descent to and from the Coburger Hut. Otherwise, there are no steep inclines, and most of the hike was a nice walk uphill, and then downhill.

Cycling to Seebensee

You can get all the way to Seebensee by bike, then park your bike before starting the ascent towards Coburger Hut. If you don’t wish to hike at all, you can simply enjoy your time around the heavenly Seebensee lake.

The Hiking Gear You Need

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First of all let’s talk footwear. Good, sturdy shoes are a must. Although you don’t necessarily need waterproof boots. I’ve been using a pair of  La Sportiva TX2 approach shoes, and Stefan has been wearing a pair of  La Sportiva Akasha II trail running shoes. They both proved to be okay for the trail we did, although we would consider our  La Sportiva TX4 MID GTX boots for the entire loop.

The Hiking Gear You Need to Pack for Every Hike
Every hike is unique, but the gear you need stays the same. Except for the weather-dependent equipment, everything else is the same for all hiking adventures.
The Hiking Gear You Need to Pack for Every Hike

Alpine hikes are always breathtaking. But all that beauty comes with some risks. There’s nothing to worry about if you are well equipped and prepared. Take mountainous environments seriously and enjoy the hike!

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