Singapore's Gardens By The Bay In One Day

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Singapore's Gardens By The Bay In One Day
Gardens by the Bay is the most iconic attraction for Singapore. If you have just one day in Singapore, then this should be it.

Gardens by The Bay is probably the place that everybody knows even before coming to Singapore. It is also the place where everybody wants to come the moment they take their first step in the city. For a good reason!

Gardens by The Bay is not an overrated attractions. It is beautiful, impressive, and even fascinating. Our visit to Gardens by the Bay left us with a feel-good sensation, hard to describe in words.

Gardens by The Bay Map, Singapore
Gardens by The Bay Map, Singapore

I am going to list the attractions at Gardens by The Bay in the order that feels most naturally to visit for most people. Marina Bay Sands is likely the place where you will start and end your day at the Gardens by The Bay, no matter if you come here walking on the Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade or by public transport.

1. Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands is probably the most iconic building of Singapore that everybody knows. The building’s architecture is eye-catching, shaped like a boat on top of 3 towers.

SkyPark Observation Deck is the rooftop deck, at the 56 storey of the building, offering a scenic veiw over Singapore’s unique cityscape.

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands is a huge shopping mall, that has several outside terraces where you can go and check out the view over the city and the Gardens by The Bay. We recommend doing this during the day, but also at nighttime.

2. Floral Fantasy

Floral Fantasy is an indoor flower garden which we unfortunately skipped. We were more curious to visit the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest, and we thought that we might not have enough time to include the Floral Fantasy in our itinerary. In our particular case, it was Christmas Eve and we had a special restaurant reservation to get to. In the after-math, we could’ve done the Floral Fantasy as well, but it would’ve been tight. If not for the restaurant reservation, the Floral Fantasy would’ve been completely doable.

3. Dragonfly Lake

Dragonfly Lake this is a huge lake inside the Gardens by the Bay park. There is also a bridge with the same name, Dragonfly Bridge, to cross over it. The lake is name like this to emphasise the importance of dragonflies in keep the number of mosquitoes under control.

4. Supertree Grove

These are the iconic trees of Singapore. During Christmas holiday, they had Christmas decorations and there was artificial snow.

OCBC Skyway

The OCBC Skyway is the walking path that you can see between the Supertrees. You have to buy tickets to go up, and you only have the right to one entrance. The skyway is open all day, so it is up to you to choose when you visit it. We didn’t want to go just to tick it off our list. We wanted to live an experience to remember. In the evening there were long queues going up and the time you had up there was limited. That’s why we preferred to go there in the morning, when there were no crowds, and nobody rushing us. The walk is definitely worthwhile, it is unique and impressive.

Supertree Observatory

On top of the main supertree there is an observatory. The number of people that are allowed out there is limited, and sometimes you need to book in advance. Since we’ve been there for Christmas, we couldn’t find any available spots.

5. Flower Dome

Flower Dome is an enormous botanical garden with exotic plants inside and air-conditioned greenhouse. Ideal for spending your time when the sun is strong and the heat exhausting. The Flower Dome was also themed for Christmas I am sure they are constantly updating the decorations.

6. Cloud Forest

Cloud Forest is a greenhouse similar to the Flower Dome, but with a different type of vegetation, mostly orchids and lush jungle, and tall indoors waterfall.

7. The Park’s Other Alleys

Remember that Garden by the Bay is a huge park? Besides the most iconic structures in this park there are tons of other alleys worth going for a stroll. Depending on the season you’re visiting, the park might be decorated differently.

8. Nighttime

After a full day at the Gardens at the Bay, there’s more to see as the sun sets down. You can start heading back from where you started your day, passing again by the Supertree Grove, and the Dragonfly Lake. In the darkness of the night every lits up and looks different.

9. Spectra Light and Water

Before leaving the Gardens by the Bay, we recommend you to check out Spectra Light and Water. This is a 15 minutes light and water show with free entrance. It usually plays each hour at 8PM, and 9PM, plus 10PM during the weekends. You might want to check the schedule before planning your day. We don’t have too many photos because we mostly filmed, but the show was spectacular, I would even dare to say that one of the best water and light shows we have ever seen.

10. Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade

When you’re finally ready to call it a day, don’t take the Bayfront MRT Station. Go and walk the Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade. No matter how tired you are, trust me you will like it!

Each time we’ve been to the Gardens by The Bay, we chosed to walk the Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade, and what a delightful walk it is.

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Singapore is the gem of South East Asia, a marvel of engineering with multicultural background. A must-see country for every traveler.

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