Elevate Your Singapore Experience: Stay at World-Famous Hotels

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Elevate Your Singapore Experience: Stay at World-Famous Hotels
Elevate your Singapore adventure with an unforgettable stay at world-famous hotels. Make your trip truly special and create memories to last a lifetime.
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Accommodations are very rarely a travel attraction for us. The most important aspects when picking our stays are cleanliness and comfort because we need to be well-rested before any adventure. Once in a while, we allow ourselves to indulge in more elevated stays for the sake of the experience itself. Singapore is truly a place where you can do this, and not regret it afterwards.

In our opinion, there are 2 most iconic hotel stays in Singapore: Marina Bay Sands and Park Royal Collection Pickering. The Marina Bay Sands is mostly famous for its architecture, the infinity pool on the rooftop, and the views towards the famous Gardens by The Bay that everyone wants to see on their trip to Singapore. However, The Park Royal Collection Hotel on Pickering seemed for us out of the ordinary. We don’t have a great photo with the exterior of the Park Royal Collection Hotel on Pickering for a fair comparison, but you can see more on Booking.com. There are a lot of trees on the streets around the Park Royal hotel, so we had a hard time finding a good angle, but we can reassure you that the photos on Booking.com are as real as it gets.

Singapore is known as one of the greenest cities in the world, and it is one of the few places where they integrate lush greenery in urban buildings. The Park Royal Collection Hotel on Pickering takes this concept to a whole different level. The gardens they have on every floor of the building almost leaves you with the feeling that the hotel was build around the vegetation that was previously there.

From the first step you make in the hotel you are warmly welcomed and served some refreshing drinks. The interior design leaves you speechless. It is truly inspiring and elevating. I can’t start wondering what would the world like if every building would be built by such architectural standards.

After check-in you get your key and wander along the hallways towards you room, but there’s so much to explore. Every place is well thought and has a design to admire. It is firstly a visual experience that transmutes into some elevated feelings that are hard to describe.

The gardens on this hotel are not purely decorative for the exterior. You can go for a walk in the garden and they even have herbs and spices planted. The cherry on top is the infinity pool and the space around the pool. You can spend your day lounging and relaxing while indulging in piƱa coladas, fresh coconuts or your preferred cocktails. You can grab a sunbed near the pool, or opt for some privacy in the fancy designed capsules.

The rooms didn’t fall short of expectations, although we booked the cheapest room they had. The futuristic design of the entire hotel continues on the hallways toward the rooms, and inside the rooms as well. Everything is well thought to the smallest detail.

How about breakfast? It’s fabulous! The Park Royal Collection Hotel on Pickering has one of the most diverse and amazing breakfasts we have ever seen. Even eating is transformed into an experience at this hotel. If that is not enough, then think about the environment you’re eating in, with all the elevated architectural design that surrounds you. It’s hard to get anything better than this.

Did I mention anything about the hotel’s restaurant and spa? Yeah, this is really a place to treat yourself!

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