4-days Itinerary in Prague, Czech Republic - Map Included

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Prague is one of the most beautiful historical cities in Europe. We had a great time in our 4-days city break and we plan to visit it again soon.

This itinerary is from the 4-day city break we did in Prague in June 2016. It is the exact itinerary we did back then, in other words it is already tested, doable and fun. I have to admit, tough, that we like walking long distances and the itinerary is packed one.

Day 1

  1. Wenceslas Square
  2. National Museum
  3. Prague Astronomical Clock
  4. Old Town Square
  5. Church of Our Lady before Týn
  6. National Gallery in Prague - Kinský Palace
  7. St. Nicholas' church
  8. Spanish Synagogue
  9. The Old-New Synagogue
  10. Old Jewish Cemetery
  11. Ludmily Church
  12. ‎⁨Havlicek Park⁩
  13. Dancing House

Day 2

  1. Prague Zoo
  2. Stroll around the city

Day 3

  1. Letenské sady
  2. Chotek Gardens
  3. Royal Summer Palace (Queen Anne’s Summer Palace)
  4. ‎⁨Jelení Příkop⁩
  5. Toy Museum
  6. Golden Lane
  7. Prague Castle
  8. St. Vitus Cathedral
  9. Sternberg Palace
  10. St. Nicholas Church
  11. Lennon Wall
  12. Petřínské sady
  13. Petrin tower

Day 4

  1. Charles Bridge
  2. Botanical Garden of the City Prague
  3. Stromovka, Královská obora
  4. Boat on the river

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