Trinidad Itinerary: What to do in 2 (or more) Days

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Trinidad Itinerary: What to do in 2 (or more) Days
Day 1: UNESCO City Exploration and Beyond. Day 2: Nature Exploration with hiking trails and panoramic views. Day 3: Relax on white sand beaches with crystal clear.

How many days do I need for Trinidad?

The answer to this question depends on your personal preferences, on the time of day when you arrive in Trinidad, and on the duration of your holiday. Ideally, we would recommend you spend at least 2 full days, or 3 if you want to spend a day relaxing on the beach. In addition to these 2 or 3 full days, there are the days in which you arrive and depart Trinidad.

If you can arrive in Trinidad in the morning, then you can use that entire day for city exploration. Also, if you depart Trinidad in the second half of your last day, you can use the morning to explore any parts of the city that you haven’t explored yet.

Going to Trinidad for a single day is not worth it because you will spend a lot of time on the road to Trinidad and back. In total, you will need to spend an entire day traveling to and from Trinidad. In our opinion, it is not worth the effort if you don’t spend at least 2 days in Trinidad.

Below are our recommended daily activities that you can do while in Trinidad. Adjust this itinerary based on your preferences, and your arrival and departure time, and you will get the perfect itinerary for you. Feel free to switch the days in any order that you wish taking into consideration external factors such as the day of the week or the weather. Make sure to leave room for spontaneity and relaxation.

Day 1: City Exploration

  • Head to Plaza Mayor, the heart of the city, surrounded by colorful colonial buildings. Explore the area, admire the architecture, and observe the local life.
  • Visit the Church of the Holy Trinity in Plaza Mayor, especially if it’s Sunday or a special religious day.
  • Visit some of the museums to discover Trinidad’s history and heritage. Almost all museums are located in Plaza Mayor or very close to it. Some of the most notable museums are Museo Romántico, Museo de Arqueologia, Galería de Arte Universal Benito Ortiz.
  • Wander through the cobblestone streets of Trinidad and visit local craft stores and markets. Observe Iglesia y Convento de San Francisco, dating back to the 16th century.
  • Anytime you need a break, there’s this great terraced seating area where you can enjoy refreshing drinks called Escalinata de Trinidad.
  • Before sunset, climb to the tower of Palacio de Cantero for great sunlight views over Trinidad.
  • If you enjoy music and dancing, check out Casa de la Musica or Casa de la Cultura Julio Cuevas Diaz for live Cuban music and dance performances.
Trinidad, Cuba: Heritage, History, and Hidden Delights Revealed
Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Trinidad, a UNESCO World Heritage City where vibrant colonial streets, museums brimming with history, and local culture intertwine.
Trinidad, Cuba: Heritage, History, and Hidden Delights Revealed

Day 2: Nature Exploration

  • Depart Trinidad for a day trip to Topes de Collantes National Park.
  • Explore the hiking trails that take you to Vegas Grande Waterfall and Salto de Caburní. Here you can swim or simply enjoy the natural surroundings.
  • Have a picnic lunch if your host was able to provide you with some packed food, or dine at a local nearby eatery.
  • Head back to Trinidad, with a short detour to Valle de los Ingenio to explore the remains of sugar plantations and climb the Manaca Iznaga Tower for panoramic views.
  • Return to Trinidad and relax after a day of outdoor adventures.
  • If you still have some energy left, then consider exploring more of Trinidad’s narrow streets, and venture further away from the bustling tourist center. Check out places such as Plaza Carillo for a peaceful time in a green park, or Hotel Mystique Trinidad La Popa to get a feeling of luxury in this modest city with a vantage view over Trinidad.
  • The day is not complete without some live music and dancing at Casa de la Musica or Casa de la Cultura Julio Cuevas Diaz.
Trinidad Nature Escapes: Playa Ancón, Topes de Collantes, and Valle de los Ingenios
Explore Trinidad's nature from the serene shores of Playa Ancón to the lush hiking trails through Topes de Collantes National Park, and Valle de los Ingenios.
Trinidad Nature Escapes: Playa Ancón, Topes de Collantes, and Valle de los Ingenios

Day 3: Relax on the Beach

  • Depart in the morning for a relaxing day on the white sand beach of Playa Ancón. Don’t forget your sunscreen.
  • Enjoy lunch at a beach restaurant.
  • Spend the rest of the day on the beach or head back to Trinidad.
  • Once in Trinidad, visit any attractions or sites you haven’t explored yet, or go shopping for souvenirs or local craft goods.

Day 0: Arrival. Day 4: Departure.

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