Travel to Tenerife Itinerary - Map Included

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The Tenerife that we discovered was above and beyond our expectations. We will help you plan your trip to Tenerife by sharing with you our experience.

Travel Map for Tenerife Itinerary
Travel Map for Tenerife Itinerary

Tenerife is a small island and you can get from one end of it to another in roughly 1 hour by car. Even so, you should not underestimate the things you can see and do on this tiny piece of land.

From cities and roads to beaches and hikes, there are numerous options regarding how you wish to spend your time in Tenerife. Depending on how many days you plan to travel to Tenerife we recommend you to check out some cities, walks, and perhaps some hikes or at least drive through some of the most remarkable Natural Parks and Reserves on the island.

The map below started as our planning before going to Tenerife and then we added to it based on our experiences on the island, exciting places, and hidden gems that we discovered while we were there. Don't be overwhelmed by the multitude of pins, they are there for you to have enough options to choose from and make your own personal itinerary based on your preferences.

The map is organized on multiple layers: beaches, hikes, walks, cities, and some miscellaneous items. You can hide the layers you're not interested in to narrow it down. We will dive into each category to show you the highlights and let you choose how your personal itinerary map should look like.

Before going into details though, don't forget to check out what you should know before traveling to Tenerife. That being said, let's check the most impressive things to see and do in Tenerife:

For more information regarding anything from Tenerife just let us know in the comments below. If it's already covered on this blog we will point you to it. Otherwise, we will provide more details on that based on our experience.

It takes a lot of planning for the perfect trip, but packing can sometimes be frustrating. Either packing too many things or packing too few can both ruin a bit of the fun. We've perfected our packing checklist over years and we believe it will be of good use for you too. We also have some travel packing tips & tricks to share to save you the hustle we once had.