Travel Tips for Better Travel

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Travel Tips for Better Travel
We always wish for the best traveling experience. Do you know how you can get closer to achiving it?

We all learn from mistakes, but we can also learn from other people’s mistakes. Some things we learned the hard way, and we probably all need to do that in order to believe them. We’re sharing some of the tips we learned to save you the hustle of going through them.

Plan Ahead

  1. Create a travel itinerary. Travelling without a plan is an experience in itself, however if you do it for a longer period of time it might start to consume you. It’s always good to do a bit of research before starting your trip and know a few places that you’d like to explore. As they say, “failing to prepare is preparing to fail”.
  2. Secure your tickets in advance. If you’re heading to a very popular destination, booking your ticket in advance might help you save some money and you can be sure to catch the best flight to get the most out of your trip. We usually plan trips so that we arrive at the destination in the first part of the day and leave in the afternoon. Thus, you get at least a half a day extra to do those things that you haven’t planned for.
  3. Choose the right season for your trip. We all want to avoid crowds and visit new places when the tourist season is not at its peak. However, getting to an exotic beach during a tropical storm is not the most desirable thing. Make sure that you check the weather before choosing a destination.
  4. Have a map on hand. I love to get lost and ask locals for direction. It helps me understand the local culture better and turns every trip into a memorable experience. Though, it’s always best to have with you a map that you can use to guide yourself around the area. You can download an offline Google Map of the place were you’ll be so you can make sure that you have the map with you even when you don’t have a phone connection.

Pack Right

We wrote so many times about packing, but I have the feeling that it’s never too much when it comes to packing. If you feel the same then you can check out all our packing articles. We even have an article with a complete packing checklist that we are using ourselves and we keep it updated as needed.

Packing - Travelfoss
Packing is an essential part of any journey. From what to pack to how much to pack, every detail has to be considered for you to have a careless travel adventure. Practice makes perfect, and we love to share with you our packing checklists and how-tos that we established over the years.
Packing - Travelfoss
  1. Opt for smart luggage. I hate bulky and heavy items. Packing sometimes starts with buying, and we always think about packing when buying. Everything should be practical, lightweight, and take a small place in our bags. Even the bags themselves should be lightweight.
  2. Don’t overpack. After every trip we’ve been noting what we used and what we didn’t. Right now we reached the point where we only take in our bags the things that we will use for sure, and we always use the Travelfoss packing checklist.

Prepare for Emergencies

  1. Keep a first-aid kit handy. Of course you need to take some medicine with you just in case. If you’re like us an like hiking and outdoors, then having a first-aid kit is extremely helpful.
  2. Have an emergency contact number.
  3. Know the local emergency phone numbers.
  4. Get a travel insurance. I don’t want to advertise any insurers, but thinks can go bad and will go bad sometimes. Medical treatment as a tourist can get expensive, and does technical support. I believe a good travel insurance will almost always pay off.

Stay Healthy When Traveling

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water before eating.
  2. Get vaccinated. It’s not just covid you need to get vaccinated for. We have a long list of vaccines that we did just for travel. Check with a doctor in your country to see what recommendations he or she has for you.
  3. Drink only bottled water. This applies mostly to underdeveloped countries, but for your own health, it is always good the questions the quality of the water you are drinking.
  4. Avoid eating uncooked food.

Stay Safe

  1. Don’t walk alone at night. Even the safest country might have some slightly unsafe places at night. It’s just a matter of being at the wrong time in the wrong place.
  2. Carry a copy of your passport with you at all times. Stolen, lost or deteriorated because of a tropical storm, it doesn’t matter. Having a copy will make things easier for you.
  3. Avoid crowds. Crowds are the best place to get pickpocketed, and they might also be a target for terorrists. You shouldn’t be scared right now because these things are rare, but you should always keep an open eye.

Have Fun!

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