Travel Destination of The Year 2024 According to ChatGPT: Portugal

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Travel Destination of The Year 2024 According to ChatGPT: Portugal
We asked ChatGPT to nominate the destination of the year 2024. Here's what it said and the criteria used to make the decision.

ChatGPT is getting more and more present in the travel industry. It’s already helping travelers to find the best travel destinations, and travel tips, or even to create travel itineraries. We were curious to see what it would consider the best travel destination for the year 2024 after we just wrote an article with our opinion about the top travel destinations of the next year. The answer was not surprising, and we were happy to see that ChatGPT is on the same page with us. Here’s what it said:

Considering the criteria mentioned earlier, a potential “destination of the year” for 2024 could be Portugal.

Why is Portugal the destination of the year 2024?

ChatGPT initially listed five criteria that it used to make the decision. It considered the following, and it thinks that Portugal is a good choice no matter the preferences of an individual. In other words, Portugal is a complex destination that matches a broad range of preferences for many travelers.

Here is the ChatGPT reasoning:

Determining the “destination of the year” for 2024 can vary significantly based on individual preferences, trends, events, and developments occurring globally. The ideal destination can be influenced by various factors.

Thus, it considered the following criterias.

You might ask what are the current emerging travel trends. Well, ChatGPT has an answer for that, too. It thinks these are the most important emerging travel trends: eco-friendly or sustainable destinations, off-the-beaten-path locations, or places experiencing a cultural renaissance. Eco-friendly and off-the-beaten-path destinations are not new, but they are becoming more and more popular, especially starting with the year 2020 - according to Google Trends, the searches for eco-tourism almost doubled in the last 3 years.

Eco Tourism Trends on Google
Eco Tourism Trends on Google

ChatGPT also notes the following:

Portugal has made significant strides in sustainability. It aims to be carbon neutral by 2050 and has implemented various eco-friendly initiatives, including renewable energy projects and measures to protect its natural landscapes.

2. Events and celebrations

Our first thought was that Portugal doesn’t have major events or celebrations in 2024, so ChatGPT might be reasoning incorrectly. But after thinking a bit more, we realized that Portugal is a culture-rich country with many events and celebrations throughout the year. Every month, there are local cultural festivals, music events, or other celebrations that showcase the rich heritage of the country.

Lisbon hosts Web Summit, one of the largest tech conferences in the world. We attended WebSummit in 2019, and were impressed by the quality of the event and the number of participants. It is a conference that transforms the entire city into a tech hub for a week.

3. Natural wonders and scenic beauty

This citeria is a no-brainer. We always consider the natural scenery of a location when we choose it as our next travel destination. Portugal has a lot to offer in this regard with beautiful coastlines, world-top beaches in Algarve, superb wine fields in the North, and the tropical islands of Azores and Madeira.

ChatGPT also considers the activities that you can do outdoors, such as hiking, surfing, or exploring natural reserves. It notes that Douro Valley is a picturesque region with beautiful landscapes and a great place to explore the outdoors.

4. Safety and accessibility

We believe that safety is the top criterion for visiting a new destination. We always check the safety of a destination before we book our flights and make new plans. ChatGPT also considers safety as a top criterion when it nominates Portugal as the destination of the year 2024. It completes with the following:

Portugal is known for its safety, well-developed infrastructure, and excellent healthcare system. Major cities like Lisbon and Porto are easily accessible with modern transportation options.

5. Personal preferences

This is where ChatGPT adds a personal touch to the decision. It looks for a destination that matches a broad range of preferences for many travelers, whether it’s exploring historical sites, enjoying delicious cuisine and wine, experiencing vibrant cultural scenes, or simply relaxing on beautiful beaches.

ChatGPT reasons that in order to have a destination that is on the top of the list for travelers, it should offer a lot of options for different types of travelers. Portugal is a country that is hard to compete with when it comes to that. It has mountains, beaches, good weather all year round, delicious food, good wine, and even tropical volcanic islands. We’ve been in Madeira for one month and it is one of our most beloved places next to Tenerife and Iceland.

Is Portugal a good destination for you?

We wanted to learn more about how Portugal is a good destination for us, so we asked ChatGPT to give us more details. ChatGPT thinks Portugal is the perfect destination for families, budget travelers and luxury travel alike.

I agree with ChatGPT because on our trips to Portugal, we meet all types of travelers. We noticed families with kids, backpackers, couples, and even luxury travelers traveling with expensive cars. It is clear that Portugal has a little bit for everyone and it will remain a top destination for many years to come.

Will Portugal remain a top destination in the future?

I believe Portugal is probably a destination that is at the top of the list for many travelers. A lot of nomads live in Portugal and has been the choice to relocate for many people in the last years. The weather makes Lisbon a perfect destination for a city break in the winter months and the beaches in Algarve are a great choice for the summer. Also, the prices are still affordable compared to other European countries and the food is delicious.

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