Top 5 Walks in Tenerife

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Walks are one of the best and easiest ways to admire what the amazing nature of Tenerife has to offer.

Top 5 Walks in Tenerife

There are probably countless promenades in Tenerife, but we prefer less touristy walks that are closer to nature. This way you get to see more locals, their culture, habits, and ways of living.

El Sauzal

Black rocks, blue water and green vegetation, all creating strong chromatic contrasts that make this place look amazing.

Situated in the north part of the island, El Sauzal is one of our favorite walks. We went there one afternoon without any expectations and we were amazed. The scenery lets you speechless.

Large waves can make this place even more surreal. Strong waves constantly smash on the rocks with impressive power that in some places you can feel it as a tremble underneath your feet.

In case you wonder, the cover photo for this article was also shot here.

Barranco de la Arena

This place has a lot of history to tell, from old terraces to present farms and plantations.

This walk starts close to El Bollullo beach and goes all the way to Puerto de la Cruz.

We might be a bit biased about this walk because it was close to our accommodation and it was our go-to place for a walk on a free evening. While writing this, I started to realize how strongly I miss it.

Most people (other than locals) drive right past this beauty on their way to the El Bollullo beach, perhaps without noticing it. Take a moment to pause and admire your surroundings.

Los Gigantes Walk

We found this walk by accident while wandering around Los Gigantes. It is relatively short but pretty nice with blue waves smashing on the black rocky cliffs.

There’s also a natural pool if you feel like going for a swim, but watch out for big waves because they will go over the pool’s edge.

Paisaje Protegido de la Rambla de Castro

This walk is popular among locals that go out in the evening for some exercise. It’s not an easy walk though, there are a lot of steep hills that you will ascend and descend.

Punta de Teno Walk

Punta de Teno can only be reached by bus, bike, walk, or hike. The road is closed almost the entire day and can only be accessed by bus and other authorized vehicles.

We tried to walk on the road, which is permitted. There are around 7 km to Punta de Teno. Unfortunately, we didn’t feel safe to finish this walk and headed back after we reached a very exposed area with rugged cliffs and very strong winds. There are rock nets mounted, but you can still see cracks on the road made by falling rocks. Not to mention that there's also a tunnel that you should walk through, which doesn't seem safe either. If you're going by bike don't forget to have a helmet. We eventually got to Punta de Teno by hiking, more details about the hike in another post soon.