The Calendar You Need To Plan Your Travel In 2023

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Posted: 3 mins read

Birthdays, weddings, doctor appointments, and you trying to fit your travel plans between them. How can you be sure you're getting it right?


For us, 2023 is going to be a year full of events, and of course travel. Sometimes it can get quite stresfull when you try to remember every event in your calendar and plan your trips between those events. We even have events without an exact date, so we can’t pinpoint them in the calendar, but we have to reserve a range of dates for them.

Therefore, we created a calendar for 2023 in which we can add all kind of events, and then on top of that make all kind of travel simulations and planning without the stress of overlaping or missing something. Every travel simulation is done in an easily editable manner, without the hustle of using designated calendar apps. We don’t necessarily buy flights or anything for future plans, but it is helpful to be able to see if the destinations you want to visit will fit in you calendar or not.

We made the travel planning calendar for 2023 in a form of a spreasheet, where you can easily organize your events, add multiple rows, color them as you please, and in the end get a visual perspective of your travel plans. One sheet is the 2023 blank calendar for you to copy and start your planning, and the other sheet is just a basic example of what you can do.

2023 Travel Calendar by Travelfoss
Plan your trip in 2023 using the Travelfoss calendar

A Calendar For Female Travelers

If you’re a women, I am sure you don’t want to plan that exotic beach trip during your period. Moreover, I personally try to avoid having long-haul flights during my period because it can get very unconfortable. Having this kind of simple travel calendar helps a lot with keeping every detail in one place. Just add one more row to each month and mark the days of your predicted period and see how this row overlaps with the others.

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