The Best Travel Websites to Follow in 2024 for Researching & Planning a Trip

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The Best Travel Websites to Follow in 2024 for Researching & Planning a Trip
Find the best travel blogs to follow in 2024 for researching and planning your next trip. We've curated a list of the best travel websites that will help you plan your next travel adventure.

When planning our next travel adventure, we have a few places that we check on: fellow travel bloggers, Instagram, and friends’ suggestions. In this article, we’ve created a list of the best travel blogs to follow this year in order to discover new stunning travel destinations. These websites are perfect for anyone looking to get tips, ideas, and up-to-date information for their upcoming adventures. Whether you’re a new traveler or an experienced one, these blogs will help you discover where to go next and help you plan a trip to remember for a lifetime. From budget advice to unheard-of destinations and unique experiences, these websites have it all, and the people behind them are passionate fellow travelers who love sharing their knowledge with others.

Travelfoss: Unique Travel Stories from Global Destinations

Diana and Stefan love traveling. They do it as often as they have the opportunity to travel, and they think travel is more than just seeing famous places and taking pictures. For them, it’s about diving into a new travel destination, exploring hidden spots, and chatting with local people. They believe the best part of traveling is when you experience something different from what you’re used to, which helps you understand the world better and from a different perspective. They enjoy doing sports like hiking, kayaking, or biking in small unheard towns.

Everything they write about comes from their experiences, and they use their personal photos without fancy editing. Travelfoss is one of the best travel blogs for people who want to plan their next trip in detail or find cool places that are less touristic. On Travelfoss, you can find travel guides, complete itineraries, real travel stories, and tips about travelling better.

Moon & Honey Travel: The Hiking Blog for Travelers

Moon & Honey Travel is for those searching for their next hiking adventure. Kati and Sabrina share hiking-themed travel itineraries and hope to encourage others to travel with their feet. They are an Austrian and an American couple based in Vienna. After years of traveling across Asia, New Zealand, and the Balkans, they now hike across Europe’s most popular places.

Kati and Sabrina started Moon & Honey travel blog to help like-minded travelers discover the most memorable and offbeat travel experiences in any country. On their website, you can also find stunning reviews and suggestions.

Adventurous Kate: Travel for Independent Women

Kate quit her job at age 26 to travel the world alone. After spending six stunning months in Southeast Asia, she turned her travel blog into a full-time business and is now one of the most successful travel bloggers. She has lived in many places around the globe and currently stays in Prague.

In 2017, Fobes nominated Kate as one of the top 10 most influential travelers, and Irish America named her one of the top Irish-American Business Leaders. Her main goal is to encourage other women to travel safely around the world and have a trip that they will remember for a lifetime. Thus, Adventurous Kate is perfect for solo female travelers who search for guidance on traveling safely almost anywhere around the world.

In A Faraway Land: Road Trip, Photography And Trekking Guides

Marta is a Polish girl who dreamt of an unconventional lifestyle and proved that dreams come true when you dare to pursue them. She has been living a nomadic lifestyle for almost half of her life being obsessed with hiking the mountains and even living in a small alpine village in Tirol, Austria.

In A Faraway Land travel blog is focused on sharing hiking suggestions and ideas for iconic locations such as Italian Dolomites, Norway’s Fjords, Canadian Rockies, New Zealand’s Southern Alps, or Iceland. Marta doesn’t just scratch the surface of a location, but she stays there for months in different seasons and goes to places unheard of before. That makes In a Faraway Land the ideal travel blog for those looking to find new hiking trails and road trip itineraries that are not found easily on the Internet.

Nomadic Matt: Travel smarter, cheaper, longer

This list isn’t complete without The Nomadic Matt travel blog, curated by Matt Kepnes. It is probably the most known platform for travelers seeking advice, tips, and inspiration for exploring the world on a budget. Matt, a passionate traveler turned author and blogger, shares comprehensive insights and travel tips from his extensive globetrotting experiences.

The blog is a treasure trove of travel hacks, destination-specific guides, and insightful articles that cover diverse travel styles and preferences. Matt’s dedication to making travel accessible to everyone is evident through his emphasis on money-saving strategies, sustainable travel practices, and fostering a community of like-minded travelers eager to explore the world affordably. Nomadic Matt is a valuable travel resource for those seeking practical advice and inspiration to embark on budget-friendly, memorable journeys across the globe.

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