7+ days Itinerary in Iceland - Map Included

8 mins read

Iceland is a country, but it feels like a different planet. It’s been our second home and we know it inside out, including the top highlights for any itinerary.

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How we almost lost our connecting flight to Sweden

3 mins read

For the first time, we almost missed our flight. We managed to catch it after running like crazy for 1.2km and jumping in front of the passport and the security check lines. This is how we do cardio workouts these days.

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Planning an one-month trip in the nordic countries

5 mins read

We’re leaving for another trip to the nordic countries, next week. We plan to see Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands. Here are our planning notes about the things we want to see and experiences to have.

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13,000km road trip to Nordkapp - Europe's Northernmost point

8 mins read

An epic adventure from Romania to the northernmost point of Europe.

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How to stay safe when going to see an erupting volcano

7 mins read

Standing next to an erupting volcano is surreal. Words, photos and videos don’t make justice to being there. Feeling all the heat and the tremor and the colors is an outstanding experience. Though, it’s important to stay safe before anything else.

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