Our Travel Timeline

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Our travel history starts quite shy, but since 2019 we've been spending more than 50% of our time away from home.

Our Travel Timeline
Our World Travel Map

Let's start with the very beginning: our births. We were born and raised in Romania, immediately after the communist period ended. Although a democratic country since then, the former communist influences can be deeply felt inside the country today, especially in smaller cities. One of the biggest marks communism left on the people of Romania is the fear of traveling outside the country. This was something unheard of when we were kids. All holidays were made inside the country. People in Romania started traveling outside the country somewhere around 2005, but it was seen as something that only rich people can afford.

As a result we haven't went abroad until 2012 when we participated in a startup contest in Madrid, so it wasn't for travel purposes, and our trip was arranged by someone else, but it was eye-opening. Crossing the border was not something to be fearful of, and foreigners are okay people as well. Even so, we were too deeply involved in entrepreneurship and startups to also find the necessary time to travel abroad.

From our shy travel beginnings, we gone as far as doing over 10,000km roadtrips through Europe, crossing dozens of borders, driving through tens of countries, all in a single trip. We also attempted a journey around the world, but the coronavirus pandemic stopped us in New Zealand.

We have stepped on all continents of Planet Earth, including Antarctica, but we still have an entire world to discover.


Prague, Czech Republic

15 - 19 Jun

In 2016 we traveled abroad for the first time by ourselves. We did our first city break in Prague, Czech Republic. It was like riding the bike for the first time at 26 years old. Full of fear and excitement at the same time, not understanding what the hell is happening.

4-days Itinerary in Prague, Czech Republic - Map Included
Prague is one of the most beautiful historical cities in Europe. We had a great time in our 4-days city break and we plan to visit it again soon.

Cefalù, Sicily, Italy

11 - 18 Aug

We then went to Sicily because we wanted a beach holiday abroad somewhere hot. We were still in our early travel beginnings so we didn't do much exploring in Sicily outside Cefalù. Today I regret not renting a car and exploring the island a bit, but at least now we have a reason to go back.


2017 was a bit more adventurous, we doubled the number of trips abroad compared to 2016. Looking back, 2017 was still a bit shy, but it seemed a lot with the travel experience we had back then.

Barcelona, Spain

31 May - 4 Jun

Barcelona was the first trip abroad of the year. We did a 5 days city break in Barcelona, Spain, and you can check out our itinerary if you're looking for some inspiration.

5-days Itinerary in Barcelona, Spain - Map Included
Barcelona is renowned for its unique architecture created more than 100 years ago by Antoni Gaudí.

Mallorca (Majorca), Spain

23 - 30 Jul

The trip to Mallorca was intended to be a beach holiday abroad, similar to the one in Sicily from 2016. However, our desire to explore the world started to kicked in and we rented a car for the first time to travel around the entire island.

Trip to Mallorca (Majorca), Spain - Map Included
An island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, full of life, charming cities, and secluded beaches for you to discover.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

23 - 27 Aug

Athens, Greece

20 - 25 Sep


Croatia - Roadtrip

22 Jun - 1 Jul

USA - California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah

1 - 30 Aug

Austria, Hungary

26 - 31 Dec


Austria, Hungary

1 - 4 Jan

Andalusia, Spain & Tangier, Morocco

17 Feb - 19 Mar


19 Apr - 4 May

[Multi] Roadtrip to The Northernmost Point of Mainland Europe

1 Jul - 25 Aug

This time we left without knowing when we will come back. Our goal was to reach the northernmost point of mailand Europe locate at North Cape in Norway during the midnight sun. While people usually go to the touristy North Cape globe, the actual northernmost point is on the Knivskjellodden peninsula which can only be reached by a 19km hike out-and-back hike. We wanted to do this hike not by day, but by night hours, during the midnight sun.


2 - 7 Jul

Czech Republic

7 - 8 Jul


8 - 12 Jul


13 Jul - 4 Aug


4 Aug - 7 Aug


7 Aug - 9 Aug


9 - 22 Aug

[Multi] Roadtrip Ends

Lisbon, Portugal

2 - 11 Nov

[Multi] Journey Around The World

15 Dec 2019 - 17 Mar 2020

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

16 - 22 Dec


22 - 29 Dec

Koh Yao, Thailand

29 Dec 2019 - 4 Jan 2020


[Multi] Journey Around The World Continues

15 Dec 2019 - 17 Mar 2020

Koh Yao, Thailand

29 Dec 2019 - 4 Jan 2020

Bangkok, Thailand

4 - 11 Jan

Bali, Indonesia

11 - 26 Jan

Australia - East Coast

26 Jan - 2 Mar

New Zealand

2 - 17 Mar

[Multi] Journey Around The World Ends - Stopped by Covid


9 Jul - 4 Aug

So many beautiful places to see in Iceland and never enough time. Here's our intimidating Icelandic travel map, but don't worry, we will break it down in smaller and more useful parts.

Travel to Iceland Map
Iceland is a truly magical place with dramatic landscapes that leaves anyone who visits it impressed.

Caravan Trip in Romania

23 Aug - 3 Sep

Motorhome Trip in Romania

14 Sep - 21 Sep


1 Oct - 1 Nov

We visited Iceland again in October because we wanted to see the Northern Lights. Since we loved this country so much during our last visit we couldn't stop but staying an entire month again. We know the roads in Iceland better than most roads in our home country. We will share with you our knowledge about Iceland one article at a time, so don't forget to subscribe.


Tenerife, Spain

21 Feb - 23 Mar

Travel to Tenerife Itinerary - Map Included
The Tenerife that we discovered was above and beyond our expectations. We will help you plan your trip to Tenerife by sharing with you our experience.

Gran Canaria, Spain

23 - 28 Mar


13 - 21 May

The volcano is erupting! Just another day in Iceland.

[Multi] Roadtrip Through Europe

29 Jun - 10 Aug


30 Jun - 11 Jul


11 - 13 Jul


12 Jul


13 - 17 Jul


17 - 18 Jul


18 - 21  Jul


21 - 26 Jul


26 - 28 Jul


28 Jul - 1 Aug


1 - 8 Aug

[Multi] Roadtrip Ends

Sardinia, Italy

4 - 21 Sep

Amsterdam, Netherlands

17 - 19 Dec

Santiago, Chile

20 - 21 Dec

Expedition to Antarctica

21 - 31 Dec


Expedition to Antarctica

1 - 5 Jan

We celebrated New Year cruising on an expedition ship, on the top deck, in the Antarctic Ocean, near Antarctica. We were alone in this imense wilderness and it made us realise how crazy it is: celebrating a concept invented by people (called time), that for nature and all other living beings out there means absolutely nothing. Everything was still and quiet, except for us, people floating on a ship in the untouched nature of Antarctica.

Antarctica - Travelfoss
Antarctica is the land of ice and extreme weather where even time freezes. From the first contact, you get immersed in the purest form of raw nature. A place that you didn’t think existed on this planet, a place that changes you for life.

Santiago, Chile

5 - 8 Jan


5 - 17 Feb


2 - 13 Mar


13 - 21 Mar

Dubai, UAE

21 - 27 Mar

Seychelles: Praslin, La Digue & Mahe

27 Mar - 10 Apr

Frankfurt, Germany

10 - 12 Apr