Community Guidelines

Just some common sense rules to ensure self-expression while also maintaining a safe and easy to explore travel community for everyone.

Remember that everything you post is public. Once content is shared, everyone with Internet access may be able to read it. You are legally responsible for the content you create. Please consider how your content could be received by others. Please make your Community posts clear to ensure that it is not misunderstood.

Any content that does not respect these common sense rules may be removed. Sometimes content might be removed because it is connected to other content that has been removed. If you are aware that your content has been removed, please do not deliberately post it again. Persistent offenders of inappropriate content may be blocked.

We Welcome any Opinions

Express and support your opinions, but remember that other people might have different perspectives. Most of the time no one is right or everybody is right.

Be Kind and Nice to Each Other

No Threats or Violence, Harm, Bullying or Harrasment. Please be polite. Do not use swear words, profane, crude or sexual language. Don't engage in emotional flame wars. Do not 'troll' other users or us.

Be Yourself, Be True. No Libel or Other Abuse

You must not create or encourage content that contains:

  • false or misleading information
  • impersonating someone
  • infringing copyright
  • defamatory
  • illegal content
  • insulting, threatning or abusive
  • obscene or of a sexual nature
  • offensive, racist, sexist, homophobic or discriminatory against any religions or other groups

No Advertising or Spam

Travelers in this community are looking for genuine content. We want to keep high standards for the community and we donnot accept any form of advertising, spam, clickbait or self-promotion.

You are allowed to share your blog articles if they include information that help travelers, such as itineraries, or guides about a specific location, but you are not allowed to try and sell anything.

We do no exclude advertising, but this has to be done in a way that makes the intention obvious. If you wish to advertise on our website please contact us.

Report Inappropriate Content

Please report any inappropriate content by clicking the flag icon next to it or by contacting us directly.