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Christine and her friends are always on the go, exploring new places and making new friends. Follow us as they visit the pyramids of Egypt, the beaches of Mexico, and the caves of Thailand. Embrace the adventure and go on a journey of your own!

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Iceland is a Magic Land

Apr 03, 2021     3 min read

Iceland is a land of ice and fire, where the sky and the earth meet. It's a place of black beaches, blue lagoons, green glaciers, and orange lava fields. It's a place of thunder and lightening, of elves and trolls.

Explorting Tenerife in an old van

Mar 27, 2021     9 min read

I met a man, he was a traveler like me, he had been around the world and he had a big dream. He wanted to travel around the world in an old van. So we became friends and together we traveled to Tenerife. We explored the island, and talked about life.

Top 10 spots for Surfers in Australia

Mar 12, 2021     14 min read

There are many beautiful beaches in Australia, but not all of them are great for surfing. We've benn on some of the best surfing beaches in the country and here are our thoughts.

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