Top Travel Destinations for 2024: The Factors Influencing Your Choice

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Top Travel Destinations for 2024: The Factors Influencing Your Choice
The best travel destinations in 2024 are those that offer a balance of various factors. Make informed travel decisions for an unforgettable 2024 adventure!

2024 is here, and we are all thinking about our next holiday. The world is vast and filled with countless destinations, each offering unique experiences, landscapes, and attractions. The sheer number of choices can make it overwhelming to narrow down the options available.

To make the process easier, we have thought about a diverse list of factors that can influence decision-making. We prioritised what matters most in 2024, researching thoroughly to help you make a more informed decision.

Factors that influence travel destinations

The international events that shook the world in the last 4 years made travelers reconsider their travel destinations. In 2020 and 2021, travel was shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic and the safety measures in place. In 2022 and 2023, travel was shaped by military wars, first in Ukraine and then in Israel.

In 2024, the best travel destinations will be those that offer a balance of natural beauty and cultural experiences, with an accent on safety measures and political stability.

Political Stability

Political stability is at the top of the list for everyone because of all the international unrest. Nobody wants to get caught in a war zone. This creates anxiety when choosing your travel destination in 2024. We shouldn’t dread traveling abroad because travel without worries is still simple and possible.


Safety comes in a variety of shapes. First, there’s safety as in violent crimes and mal-intended people that we want to stay away from. Secondly, safety refers to health safety. After the pandemic, we all understood how health risks and health advisories can impact travel, and that having access to a good health system can be life-saving. Thirdly, natural disasters are increasing in frequency and intensity, and they can easily turn into a holiday breaker.


Attractions are one of the main reasons why we want to travel to a certain destination. We want to see with our own eyes and wonder at the beauties of new places. Either man-made attractions or natural attractions are both focal points of travel.

Cultural Experiences

Cultural differences are the salt and pepper of travel. In our opinion, cultural experiences have the power to change the way people think. They make us more resilient and open-minded. Cultural experiences are what makes travel so enriching. Culture is part of every travel destination, but it can be felt more intensely in some.

Language Barrier

Not being able to understand a thing around you can sometimes be disorienting. Depending on where you are, you can keep calm and relax, but sometimes it can scare you. It happened to us once and we learned a valuable lesson from it. Being able to speak English while traveling is a blessing.

Food & Restaurants

We take restaurants and food availability for granted, but in some destinations, food shortages can happen. In other destinations, travelers might have a hard time adapting to the local foods. No matter the reason, access to good food and restaurants can drain your energy for exploring your travel destination.

Good Flights

Nobody wants to spend a fortune on flights or waste too much time in airports with connecting flights. The best destinations are those where you can take a direct flight.

Transportation Infrastructure

The ease with which you can explore a travel destination plays an important role in how you will feel. Trains, public transportation, good roads, and easy driving are all part of your experience as a traveler.

Budget Considerations

Factors like flight costs, accommodation and food expenses, local currency value, and the overall cost of living in a particular place can impact the choice of a travel destination.

Overrated Destinations

Sometimes, the information available on the internet, including social media, movies, YouTube, and travel blogs creates high expectations or romanticized perceptions of certain destinations. This can lead to disappointment and the feeling of a wasted holiday. It happened to us many times and we really hate it.

Personal Preferences

Last but not least, personal preferences are a decisive factor when choosing your next travel destination. Some people prefer beach and relaxation destinations, while others are more interested in city life and historical sites, nature and adventure activities, or culture and food.

Global Peace Index

Global Peace Index (GPI) is a report made by theĀ Institute for Economics & PeaceĀ (IEP) that measures the relative position of countries based on 23 indicators that can be grouped into 2 categories: internal peace indicators and external peace indicators.

According to the GPI:

The largest year-on year deteriorations occurred on the external conflicts fought, deaths from internal conflict, and political instability indicators.

The war in Ukraine had a significant impact on global peacefulness, with Ukraine and Russia having the largest and fifth largest deteriorations in peacefulness respectively. Haiti, Mali, and Israel were the other countries with the largest deteriorations.

Best Travel Destinations in 2024

Enough talk, let’s take a look at the Top 5 Travel Destinations for 2024

  1. Iceland
  2. Madeira, Portugal
  3. New Zealand
  4. Singapore
  5. Southeast Asia


Traveling to Iceland is a unique and captivating experience that will impress a wide range of travelers, even the most experienced ones. Iceland is not just a different country. It feels like a different planet. When we first stepped foot in Iceland, our brains could not understand what our eyes were seeing. It is a country of otherworldly landscapes shaped by lava fields, volcanoes, and geothermal activity. It is Iceland where we lived the most awe-inspiring moments in our entire lives, like standing right next to an erupting volcano.

Whenever I am talking about Iceland I have the feeling that there aren’t enough words on this planet to truly describe this place. Words and images will never be able to do justice to Iceland. This is a country that you MUST travel to at least once in your lifetime.

Iceland has all of the above-mentioned factors, with some hiccups regarding budget considerations. Although, Iceland is optimised for campervans and camping, and you can always opt for doing the groceries rather than eating every meal at the restaurant.

Regarding safety and political stability, Iceland remains the most peaceful country in the world, a position it has held since 2008. Crime rates are lower than anywhere else in the world, and the health system works great. Only natural disasters and bad weather can sometimes pose a risk for travelers who don’t respect local advisory. However, that is an easy thing to do because Iceland is optimised to keep its travelers safe. They have a dedicated website in English that every traveler can follow to see the latest warnings like high winds, high waves, etc.

Who is Iceland for in terms of personal preferences? Everyone, except those who prefer hot weather. As the name suggests, Iceland is a Nordic country with lower temperatures than most places. However, it remains a year-round destination. In the winter travelers visit Iceland for the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), geothermal hot pools, stunning winter landscapes, snowmobiling, and glacier and ice cave exploration. During the summer months, geothermal hot pools remain a top relaxing attraction. The midnight sun and the long days offer travelers more time to explore and marvel at the natural beauty of Iceland. The country is an outdoor activities playground for every traveler, no matter your fitness level. Travelers can choose from a wide range of activities ranging from multi-day hikes to road trips, whale watching, horseback riding, and even snorkeling and diving.

Iceland doesn’t lack in cultural heritage either. Icelanders are the descendants of the Vikings with a rich Norse mythology. The country is also known for its commitment to environmental conservation and sustainability, and promoting responsible tourism.

Madeira, Portugal

Madeira is like the Hawaii of Europe. It is an island far away from Europe’s mainland, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It has great temperatures year-round, good food, and friendly people although not everybody speaks English. It can also be a budget destination, but it will not disappoint those looking for more.

The main roads are an impressive feat of engineering, and so is the airport’s suspended runway. Madeira is a culturally rich destination, with jaw-dropping hikes, levadas, and beaches. Everything makes it the perfect location for some winter sun, but also for a summer holiday. Regarding safety and political stability, Portugal ranks 7 in the Global Peace Index, and my guess is that Madeira is safer than mainland Portugal.

New Zealand

New Zealand feels like this faraway land, isolated of the rest from the world, that people almost always forget about. We consider New Zealand a very underrated travel destination that will gain a lot of ground in 2024.

New Zealand captivates with stunning natural beauty with breathtaking landscapes, adventure activities, and unique wildlife found nowhere else. It has a rich cultural heritage, and it served as the backdrop for famous movies. Locals are friendly and welcoming, they speak English, and visitors can savor delicious foods and words-class wines.

New Zealand has been one of the safest countries in the world for more than 10 consecutive years (according to the Global Peace Index). It always ranked in the top 4 positions, making it to number 4 in 2023.


Singapore is a fascinating city-nation. It is the best destination to visit for those who seek to explore modern city life, where nature is part of your daily life. There is no other location in the world where urban landscapes integrate so well with nature. It is incredible how you can get completely immersed in nature, while still being in the middle of a big city.

Food is good. People speak English. Singapore’s airport is one of the biggest flight hubs in the world. Not to mention that it covers a wide range of personal preferences: beach, relaxation, nature, city, culture, and so on.

Where Singapore lacks is in the Budget Consideration category. This city country has a reputation for being one of the most expensive countries in the world.

Talking safety and political stability, Singapore has been improving its ranking in the Global Peace Index since 2017 when it didn’t make the top 20 countries. In 2023, Singapore ranked number 6, with an increase of 3 positions since 2022.

Southeast Asia

What makes Southeast Asia an attractive travel destination in 2024 are the budget considerations. For some travelers, financial considerations significantly impact the choice of a travel destination. Various countries in Southeast Asia are safe to visit and make it into the top 50 of the Global Peace Index. While they rank average in almost all of the factors presented above, they excel at Budget Considerations. This keeps the Southeast Asia region a top travel destination in 2024.

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